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Air Goes cc shares collectively, between both management and staff, in excess of 120 years of experience within the air-conditioning industry. We believe in empowering people and therefore assist in the constant development and training of our personnel.

Through our skills and knowledge, we are able to provide you with the best air conditioning option for your specific requirements.

Having an air conditioning unit in the home or office is one thing, being able to afford to run it is quite another in many instances. In the past, many air conditioning units provided a great convenience in both the cold and hot months, but the electricity bill at the end of the month was never something to be looked forward to.

Luckily, with time and the change in technology, it has become less expensive to run an air conditioner. With the introduction of energy saving air conditioners, people are now able to afford to have an air conditioner in their office or home.

When looking for energy saving air conditioners, you will find that Air Goes is the place to go! Here, you will find a wide variety of air conditioning units and brands to suit both your needs and budget. Each of our units stocked will be professionally installed for you by our team. You will be shown how to properly use your air conditioning unit and will receive an after-sales service that cannot be faulted. This means that should you require repairs and maintenance, it will be done professionally, efficiently and at a cost-effective rate.

Modern air conditioning units presented to the market are designed to provide the heating and cooling functions without drawing too much electricity. This means that you can run your air conditioning unit for longer, without having to worry about the costs that it might be running up. This is a massive benefit and has certainly caused a great many more people to consider installing air conditioning units in their homes and offices. In addition to this, units are being designed to be quieter and look more attractive, so now, one does not have to think of creative ways to disguise the unit.

When looking to have energy saving air conditioners installed in your home or office, take the time to chat to our professionals. The type of unit that you purchase will need to be able to cater to the size of the area that you want cooled or heated. A professional in the industry will be able to correctly advise you on the type and size of unit that you require.


All our services

  • Comfort Cooling
    Air conditioning for both the office and comfort of your home – Cooling and heating


  • Refrigeration
    Industry specific for restaurants, hotels and canteens, including ice machines


  • New Installations
    Air Goes offers non Inverter R410a gas options ( stay green)
    Although R22a gas is being phased out within 5 years, we still are able to provide R 22 air conditioning options.


  • Maintenance
    We maintain all models, increasing lifespan and efficiency. Maintenance provides a healthier option whether home, commercial or industrial.


  • Repair and Service
    Fault-finding and repair is imperative for return on investment for our clients.  Spares and backup service for cost effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.


Air Goes cc strives to take our client’s best interest to heart, and stands confidently in the fact that service is our reputation!



Air Goes cc specializes in the maintenance, repair and service of leading brands of air conditioning units. We also supply and install comfort cooling and refrigeration systems suited to the client’s specific requirements.



Between both management and staff, over 100 years of experience within the air-conditioning industry.

Air Goes cc at the heart of our ethos is both the empowerment of our staff whilst being at the fore front of latest technological advancements, which we achieve through our ongoing commitment to training and development. 



Air Goes cc complies with the following:

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If you would like to find out more about Air Goes, please contact us!