Air Conditioners

Air Goes maintains, services and repairs all models, and types LG units.  There are cooling only units in some models only.  Most of the air conditioning units are cooling and heating. The heating is the cheapest system of heating overall. Many models are aesthetically pleasing and become an additional feature in the home or office. 

Air Goes will supply and install the unit that best suits you, when looking to have energy saving air conditioners installed in your home or office, take the time to chat to our professionals. The type of unit that you purchase will need to be able to cater to the size of the area that you want cooled or heated.

A professional in the industry will be able to correctly advise you on the type and size of unit that you require. At Air Goes, we have been providing the South African market with top-quality air conditioning units since 2006. Our attention to detail and dedication to customer service excellence, as well as low cost rates, are apparent in each and every successful sale.

Take the time to contact us, at Air Goes, and chat to us about our range of energy saving air conditioners. We will ensure that you are provided with access to the absolute best.
  • Easy installation
  • SABS Approved
  • Silent Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Full Conditional Warranty
  • VRV Systems for commercial use.


There are many different models, types and sizes to choose from. Our staff can assist you, the Cleint, with an informed decision.

In addition to the many energy-efficiency features, it also includes a two-stage compressor that helps reduce the humidity in your home to make your living quarters much more comfortable. This device is extremely quiet. It is one of the quietest central air conditioning units you will find.

Air Goes, through our skills and knowledge, are able to provide you with the best suited option for your specific requirements.


  • Bombela (Gautrain) – Stations & Tunnels Air Conditioning units
  • Fresenius Kabi – Air-conditioning Service
  • Rent a Store – Air conditioning service and installations
  • Schneider Electric – Air Conditioning Service




Samsung-Logo - Air Conditioners

  • SABS Approved
  • High Performance air conditioning units
  • Energy Efficient
  • DVM Systems (Digital Variable Systems)
  • Full Conditional Warranty
  • 5 year warranty option available


Samsung supports diverse installation option. Home owners who are looking for economical cooling and heating systems for both new and renovated houses may find Samsung an attractive option to meet their budgets. Air Goes can assist with their  expertise in the selection of model, type and sizing for their specific requirements.

Floor heating or radiators are ONLY OPTIONAL!  Air-conditioners do both heating and cooling.

Air Goes provides many more options to choose from. Contact us for prices.




JetAir-Logo - Air Conditioners

  • Heating / cooling
  •  SABS Approved
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Compressor Outside
  • Full Conditional Warranty


These Jet-Air Air-conditioning units are available in cooling and heating functions only. Air Goes are suppliers and installers of the Jet-Air Air-conditioning systems. Contact us for prices.


Q9000 Turbo Jet Cooling

Faster, Further, More powerful.

Front-facing, independent triple fans provide an intelligent balance of power
and control. They provide optimum cooling and energy efficiency with a
maximum cooling speed that’s significantly higher than standard air


Product Features

Turbo Jet Cooling – 3 whirlwind fans.
Three powerful, spiral airflows, created by the jet engine mechanism, cool the entire house more quickly and
efficiently, making your home a cool and comfortable place in the blink of an eye.


Turbo Jet Cooling- 7 Types airflow.
You can enjoy different types of cooling to suit various activities, with three separate fans that can be operated
independently or together. So you can enjoy maximum cooling efficiency with minimum energy usage.


Energy saving-Smart Inverter Compressor.
The Smart Inverter Compressor adjusts its speed in response to the surrounding temperature. By running only at
the speed needed, energy wastage is kept to a minimum, which reduces your energy. Moreover, three separate
fans can be operated situationally independently. The less fans you use, the less electric charge bill you get.



Air cleaning-Virus Doctor

An amazing air purifying technology, ‘Virus Doctor’, neutralizes all harmful contaminants in the air, including bacteria that resist physical filtration, and turns them into harmless water vapor.


Air cleaning-Zero Filter

The magic film filter uses a magnet mechanism to keep the air clean and healthy, without missing even the tiniest particles of dust. Refresh a large space in a flash / Use it every day without worrying about the electricity bill / Clean filter quickly and easily with water.


Air cleaning-Healthy De-humidification.

Your home is safeguarded from the bacteria and mold caused by high humidity with the built-in dehumidifier.


Design-Sleek & Stylish

The Q9000 features a stylish silhouette design that creates a modern and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. And its compact body also helps to make your home more space-efficient.

Design-Ice Lighting

When the independent fan is on, it’s surrounded by attractive, ice-blue coloured lighting. So your home is bathed in beautiful light, and you know your air conditioner is working.


  • 18m³/min Air Circulation (Max)
  • (T1) 28,000, (T3) 24,000Btu/hr capacity cooling
  • 28,000Btu/hr capacity heating
  • 9,380 – 32,000Btu/hrCooling Capacity
  • 9,380 – 32,000 Btu/hrHeating Capacity
  • 8.2kW Heating Capacity
  • 48 / 38dBA Noise Level (Indoor)
  • 57dBA Noise Level (Outdoor High)


Physical Specification

  • 360 x 1,948 x 269mm Net Dimension (Indoor)
  • 880 x 950 x 320mm Net Dimension (Outdoor)
  • 31kg Net Weight (Indoor)
  • 62.5kg Net Weight (Outdoor)
  • 35.5kg Shipping Weight (Indoor)
  • 70kg Shipping Weight (Outdoor)


General Feature

  • Air Flow Control Step (Cool / Fan)
  • Natural Breeze available
  • Nature Wide / Centre
  • Power Long
  • Direct / Indirect
  • S-Plasma Ion available
  • Full HD Filter
  • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) available
  • Zero Filter available
  • Smart Sensor
  • Indoor Temp. Display available
  • Remote Controller available
  • Beep On / Off available
  • 24-Hour Timer available
  • Auto Restart available
  • -5 – 52°C Low Ambient Cooling
  • -20 – 24°C Low Ambient Heating
  • Turbo Mode avaialble
  • Dlight Cool Mode available
  • Good Sleep Mode available
  • Smart Saver Mode available
  • Dehumidification Mode available
  • Auto Mode available
  • Fan Mode available
  • Quiet Mode available
  • Rotary Compressor Type
  • Anti-Corrosion Fin available
  • Multi-Channel Condensor available


Electrical Data

  • 15A Cooling Operating Current
  • 12.5A Heating Operating Current
  • 3,200W Power Consumption (Cooling)
  • 2,700W Heating Power Consumption
  • 1 / 220 – 240V / 50Hz Power Source


Technical Information

  • 20m Max Piping Length
  • 10m Max Piping Height

R-410A Refrigerant TypeSVC Value: Liquid 6.35mm x 5mSVC Value: Gas15.88mm x 5m


Sirair-Air-ConditionersSIRAIRAir Conditioners




Ideal for cooling or heating homes or offices. Sirair’s range energy efficient, multi-purpose air conditioners provide quiet, high performance cooling and heating, with advanced electronic controls. Designed to deliver maximum levels of comfort while blending in with environment décor. They incorporate an elegant design combined with compact dimensions and quiet operation.


Mirror Panel Mid-wall Split Units

For home and closed office use.

It’s best to have the right size unit for the room you’re cooling  or heating. Cooling or heating a room with a unit that’s too small will over work the compressor, shortening the life of your Air Conditioner. Using a unit that it too big would be wasteful.

Which size is best for you needs.

9000 btu – ± 16m² 
12000 btu – ± 24m²
18000 btu – ± 36m²
24000 btu – ± 44m²
30000 btu – ± 60m²














Cassette Air Conditioners


For heating or cooling large, open plan offices, malls or restaurants with a usable ceiling void. Only the slim face is visible.


Which size is best for you needs.

42000 Btu Cassette unit covers ± 85m²
36000 Btu Cassette unit covers ± 75m
48000 Btu Cassette unit covers ± 100m²